Saturday, July 19, 2008

Prince George's Parking Enforcement?

ChvBlog received a flurry of emails about this last night, as residents came out to find that their cars had been given a $50 ticket for by being parked on the wrong side of the street.

Normally, we wouldn't get involved in parking tickets, but it became far more interesting when we found out that it was actually a Prince George's parking enforcement team that delivered the tickets to town residents, not ChvPD.

From the emails we've gotten so far, over $400 in tickets were handed out last night, and we're sure that's just the tip of the iceberg.

We contacted the Mayor about the situation, and while she always welcomes help from Prince George's County Police on law enforcement issues, she was not aware of any reason that would have County parking enforcement in our town. She did promise that she would look into the situation, and we'll keep you up to date.

We here at ChvBlog are of the opinion that ChvPD can handle parking enforcement in our town, and anyone from the County wanting to issue parking tickets can start in places that are run by the County, and based on the last time I drove down Tuxedo Road, there's plenty of opportunity down there.

Thanks to faithful reader JimG, who got the photo of the County vehicle over on Jason St.


bbsgirl said...

Thanks for replying to my email :) I'm glad that I get to park in the driveway and don't have to worry about a ticket. I hope this get cleared up and that no one has to pay those fines!! I'll be looking forward to updates on this matter.

chimes said...

Maybe one should ask why the Cheverly police force hasn't been enforcing parking regulations? I believe parking fines, as opposed to speeding fines, are revenue for the town. I can't feel sorry for someone who has been parking illegally for months or years and then whines when they get a ticket for breaking the law. I guess we missed the forewarning in the WaPo article on Thursday: 'More Boots on the Ground, Officials Step Up Enforcement of Parking Regulations in Prince George's.'

MTnest said...

This was the topic of discussion at a Valley Way get-together last night...where such tickets had been received for parking in the opposite direction of traffic.

Part of Valley Way allows parting only on one side (although signs are few are far between.) For my 30+ years residents have parked facing south - apparently illegally. Parking in the other direction would mean finding a place to make a u-turn on a narrow street. I'll be anxious to find out how this is resolved...It will make for an interesting block party!

PGPunk said...

The Tickets were written by County Officials who were acting outside of their jurisdiction.

The Chief has worked with the County to get these tickets voided. To get your ticket voided, go to the station and leave your ticket to the attention of the Chief. He will handle these en masse.

Thanks to the Chief for working this one.

PepsiCola said...

I received a citation this morning at 4:27am for being parked in area between curb and beginning of property line which I wasn't. I have parked this way for 3 years. In fact, all of my neighbors park the same way. I live in Oxon Hill, MD and this has never been an issue for me. I am requesting a hearing. The officer also listed the incorrect model of my car on the citation.

Cody said...

I live in Fort Washington MD. I own three cars, all my cars are parked in my driveway. They are never parked on the street. I always backup the mercedes 300 sedan, which is the first car parked. When I returned home I was surprised to see a ticket on my 1993 mercedes 300. The ticket was for parking on the grass. My mercedes was backed in my driveway, half of the rear tire was on the cement area, half exceeded the cement area. The parking enforcement officer walked onto my property and cited me for parking on the grass. I called a parking enforcement official and he cited some vague law on the book. I promptly asked for his name and warned him that I am pursuing this further. He quickly added, he is changing it to warning.


I have been parking at the parking meters at the kiss and ride area of the greenbelt metro station for well over a year. the sign says "no parking 2 am to 5 am AND 12 hour parking 5 am to 2 am.
I see nothing else posted anywhere about time restrictions.
I am handicapped and have handicap parking tags.
It has been my experience for many years that handicap marked cars can park for free at double the time allowed in any area. If it is 2 hours, handicap parking is 4 hours etc.
I have never gotten a ticket while parked at the meters at the greenbelt metro station parking lot, even though i have parked from 4 to 8 or more hours every day.
The odd thing about today is that not only did I get a ticket but 15 other vehicles, most with handicap license or stickers had tickets also.
So now.. is there a new sheriff in town or had someone decided to change the law or super enforce an existing law that is not posted anywhere.
I called the number on the back of the ticket ( 301/507-6550) Greenbelt Police Records to no avail.
I was given another number 301/345-5417. The woman who answered said she was told ( after having me on hold for ever) the limit is 4 hours......I asked to speak to someone else and was transferred to a Mr. Sterling
( whoever the heck he is), left a message and yet to have a return call.
I encourage ANYONE who had gotten a ticked for " EXCEEDED ALLOWED MAX TIME" to also call the number above for Mr. Sterling and inquire as to their parking laws and where in fact a citizen can find out these laws, as they do not have a thing posted anywhere regarding handicap parking at meters